Sensei LMS e-learning website

Get started with your own Learning Management System (LMS) website by combining the Sensei LMS plugin with a versatile WordPress theme.

Sensei LMS is combined with either “The7” or the Uncode WordPress theme which makes it a joy to build beautiful pages to complement your online courses and present your own business. Said in other words, you get the best from premium themes along with custom crafted Sensei pages.

Sensei LMS + UncodeSensei LMS + The7

How you’ll learn WordPress

Learning WordPress should be fun! That’s why all courses are made with a focus on you: the learner. Complete learning enhanced online courses and test your newly acquired skills while becoming a WordPress professional.


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Memory enhancing tests


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Your instructor

Hi I’m Steffen, I’ve created WP Explainer to help you and others get an easier start in the online world. My experience comes from six years of work as an independent helping businesses succeed online.

My strongest skills are designing and building custommade WordPress websites and webshops but I’ve also picked up a few other tricks that helps companies gain attention and grow online.

Now I want to share that experience with you so that you can utilize those skills for whatever project or company that you wish to give a boost forward.

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This website is for...

Marketing responsible

You are responsible for the online presence of a company and need to make sure you are doing everything you can to help the company succeed.

Aspiring online marketeer

You want to enhance your marketing skills so that you can be independent and create your own income by helping others succeed online.


You are running your own business and need the skills to promote your own service or product to reach more potential clients.


The 4 step checklist for changing your WordPress website

Using the 4 steps to make changes to your WordPress website, will save yourself valuable time.

How to create a child theme

Learn how to create a child theme from scratch for any theme.

Two online courses are now made 100% free

The two online courses "Mailchimp for beginners" and "WPBakery Page Builder" are now made free here on WP Explainer.

How to install SSL on your WordPress site

How to install SSL on your WordPress site

In this quick tutorial you will learn how to get a green lock on your domains address bar by installing a Let's Encrypt certificate on your WordPress site.

How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress with Unoeuro 1-click installer

Step-by-step video tutorial on how to install WordPress with Unoeuro 1-click installer

How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress using FTP

Step-by-step video tuturial on how to install WordPress using FTP

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