My story

I remember starting learning WordPress. It went really fast at first, but then things became very complicated and my struggle began. Fortunately there’s a lot of help to find online and that did get me through the tough patch and things started to make sense in a deeper level. I made the decision to create a WordPress theme. It took two months with a lot of up’s and downs. But it got me the understanding I needed to build better and more tailored websites that did more than an existing theme could possibly create.

Today 7 years after I’ve created 30+ tailored websites with more than 30 different WordPress themes that to this day are helping companies tell their story online.

Now my goal is to share all my knowledge and best practices to help anyone interested in WordPress learn things faster and, hopefully, without as much pain and frustration as I’ve been through. Creating websites in WordPress is a craft best taught by building. Learning by doing so to speak.

For that reason my main focus when creating guides and courses are to explain every step carefully so that everything is clear and understandable for anyone.

A lot of my content is free and can be found either in YouTube or on my blog. The rest are available as full step-by-step courses right here in this website.

I hope you will find my teachings helpful and give you the tools you need to succeed with WordPress.