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Mailchimp intermediate

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Mailchimp intermediate

In this free online course you will learn to design unique Mailchimp newsletters from scratch to expand your brand identity and engage your audience


There are no requirements to take this course – everything will be explained so that anyone can learn and harvest the benefits of email marketing.

Course summary

Learning to design unique newsletters is a great skill to:

  • Get more engagement through clicks in your newsletters
  • Create visual coherence for your brand
  • Drive more sales of your products or services

What does the course contain?

This second part of the Mailchimp for beginners series has a special emphasis on newsletter design. You will learn all the design tools available in Mailchimp and how to use these tools to design your own unique newsletter template that stands out and fits your brand.

As an added bonus you get two example newsletter template designs to practice and learn a wider range of newsletter designs in Mailchimp.

Course time

30 minutes


6 lessons + Optional extra design lessons

Last updated

August 2022


No skills needed


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The instructor

Hi I’m Steffen, I’ve created WP Explainer to help you and others get an easier start in the online world. My experience comes from seven years of work as an independent helping businesses succeed online.

Now I want to share that experience with you so that you can utilize those skills for whatever project or company that you wish to give a boost forward.

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