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Free WPBakery Page Builder course

In this course you will learn how to design professional pages in one of the most popular page builder for WordPress: the WPBakery Page Builder


  • You need an existing WordPress installation to begin this course
  • You need to have WPBakery Page Builder installed or be ready to purchase it
  • Experience with WordPress is an advantage but not a requirement

About the course

WPBakery Page Builder is one of the best page builder for WordPress on the market. Many WordPress themes come bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder, in fact, more than 2 millions websites are using the WPBakery Page Builder.

In this course you will learn to design and build your very own pages from scratch – without needing to write one single line of code. Because that’s the beauty of the WPBakery Page Builder.

In the beginning of the course you will learn about the row – the most flexible building block for any page design. You will learn to love the row as an incredible tool to build your pages.

You will also learn to design pages that look perfect on all devices including mobile, tablets and desktop. Responsive design is essential today where more than 60% of all website visits come from mobile devices.

After that we dig into more customized page designs. We will build a frontpage, a feature page and a contact page. But bear in mind, with the skills acquired you will be able to build any page layout that you might need.

After completing the course, it will be a joy to build new pages and layouts.

Course time

2 hours and 1 minute

Lessons and quizzes

30 lessons with 5 quizzes


No skills needed


Great first course for WPBakery

September 7, 2023

Very helpful, great place to start with basic navigation, edits working within WPBakery.


A GREAT Resource

February 13, 2021

To call this course AWESOME would be an understatement. It clarified so many questions I had in my mind. I’m starting my second trip through the various modules to make SURE I clearly understand the content.

I would heartily recommend it to anyone new to WPBakery.

Ahmad Sharif

Response from WP Explainer

Thanks Ahmad for your positive feedback, it is highly appreciated.

Good course for beginners .

December 12, 2020

Good course for beginners .


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The instructor

Hi I’m Steffen, I’ve created WP Explainer to help you and others get an easier start in the online world. My experience comes from seven years of work as an independent helping businesses succeed online.

Now I want to share that experience with you so that you can utilize those skills for whatever project or company that you wish to give a boost forward.

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