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Free Mailchimp course for beginners

In this course you will learn how to get subscribers, design newsletters, avoid spamfilters and enjoy the benefits of email marketing


There are no requirements to take this course – everything will be explained so that anyone can learn and harvest the benefits of email marketing.

About the course

Email marketing is a great tool to:

  • Get more attention to your business
  • Gain followers of your brand and ultimately
  • Drive more sales of your products or services

The reason email marketing is so effective is that you have a direct line to your potential clients. An email address can exist throughout a persons lifetime. Unlike social media accounts that come and go according to trends and people aging and choosing other platforms.

Why do email marketing?

Email marketing is a great tool to gain more traffic to your website, but more importantly you can gain the trust of the potential client, by telling stories about your business, your products and about yourself.

One of the most important things to remember in sales, is that there is a long road from the first meeting to the final sale. Email marketing can help close that gap and convert visitors on your website into buying customers and possibly even into recurring customers.

Another great reason to begin taking advantage of email marketing is: It’s cheap! You can literally get started without spending a penny, because of services like Mailchimp you don’t pay until you’ve gained 2000 subscribers.

What makes this course different from other Mailchimp courses?

This course has a special emphasis on newsletter design. You will learn all the design tools that are available in Mailchimp and you will learn to use those tools to design your own unique newsletter template that stand out and fits your brand. To get you started we will make 3 example newsletter templates, to show you the range of designs that are possible to create in Mailchimp.

What does the course contain?

We will cover all essential Mailchimp features from creating your first Mailchimp account to placing signup forms on your website to start getting your first subscribers. We will also cover how to avoid ending up in peoples spam folders – which is the big enemy of any email marketeer. In short: This Mailchimp training course will cover everything needed to start taking advantage of all the benefits of email marketing.

So let’s get started! With this Mailchimp online course you will have the perfect setup to start gaining subscribers and send out newsletters that converts your website visitors into paying customers.

Course time

2 hours and 16 minutes


20 lessons


No skills needed


User reviews

Excellent Course for Mailchimp Email Marketing

Rated 5 out of 5
July 17, 2020

Steffen Gammelgaard is an excellent trainer. His Voice, course content, high-quality video, practical session everything was easily understandable & clear. I’m fully satisfied with this course.
I will recommend this course to all levels who want to learn about Mailchimp Email Marketing. I am happy to get a certificate. Thanks again Steffen, feeling proud to be your student.

Abul Hossain

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The instructor

Hi I’m Steffen, I’ve created WP Explainer to help you and others get an easier start in the online world. My experience comes from seven years of work as an independent helping businesses succeed online.

Now I want to share that experience with you so that you can utilize those skills for whatever project or company that you wish to give a boost forward.

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