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Sensei LMS website with the Uncode theme

Get a ready-made e-learning website powered by WordPress and Sensei LMS

It has never been easier to get a robust learning management system setup on your own domain. In only 20 minutes setup time you get a fully functional learning management website ready to upload your online courses and begin selling your knowledge.

When combining WordPress, WooCommerce and the Uncode theme with the Sensei Learning Management System you get an e-learning website that is both versatile and easily scalable.

This robust solution that would normally take weeks to build is pre-made, so you can focus on selling your knowledge without worrying about scalability in the future.

This e-learning website setup is ideal for a series of needs:

  • Edupreneurs who want to earn passive income by selling their knowledge online
  • Companies who want their own internal business education or trainee program
  • Trainers who want to supplement their physical training with online courses
  • Event makers who need to move their events and workshops online
  • Schools with exams that require tests and certificates that are automatically calculated based on the percentage of right answers
  • Schools or businesses who want to offer free learning material to anyone or to selected individuals

Let’s go through the benefits of choosing this e-learning setup.


Receive every cent of your earnings

Because your website is self-hosted you get the advantage of receiving 100% of you own income. Unlike a marketplace that takes up to 60% of your earnings. Simply decide which payment provider you wish to use to collect payments from your learners. You can also freely decide if you want to get paid a fixed price per course or have a subscription model. Sensei LMS is created by the same team behind WooCommerce and allows to use their extensions. These tools make it easy to earn passive income from your knowledge.


Complete freedom to market your content

Create any course layout that you desire and use any marketing tool that you prefer to sell your knowledge. By setting up your e-learning website in WordPress you get a futureproof website that integrates with any marketing tool on the market. There’s no lock or limit to the amount of plugins or integrations that you can use. Place your e-learning website on your own domain which nobody can take from you – unlike other e-learning platforms that are yours only by subscription.


Tailored design that enhances your brand

The website is powered by Uncode – the best WordPress theme for building unique websites. Uncode comes with a range of premium tools that make it fun and easy to build and design. Don’t worry if you’ve never created a website before – you can signup for my free course for beginners which shows you the entire process of building your own customized website in Uncode.


Customize your Sensei course and lessons pages

With this solution, Sensei LMS is completely integrated with the Uncode theme which allows you to use the theme and page options to customize your course and lessons pages to your needs. This includes using customized headers, editing your content with a page builder and changing anything from fonts to colors and buttons. You can also insert a “after content block” which can be used to display related courses, a newsletter signup form or any other type of content that you desire.


Ideal for a wide range of e-learning purposes

With the help of the vast amount of free and paid plugins for WordPress along with the Sensei LMS extensions and WooCommerce extensions that are available, you can create a platform to suit almost any purpose. Enhance and expand as your business grows.

This solution is fully tested and integrated with:

WooCommerce, WooCommerce paid courses, WooCommerce subscriptions, Sensei certificates, Site reviews, Members, Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms user registration.


Best return on investment

Most of the tools needed for this setup is free but some require payment.

WordPress – FREE
WooCommerce – FREE
Sensei LMS – FREE
Sensei LMS for paid courses – $129/year
Uncode theme – $59 (paid once)

Lastly you need the solution on this page to make it all work seamlessly together. The price includes future updates and one year of support.

The Uncode theme

The Uncode theme is one of the most versatile WordPress theme on the market. Go ahead and read more about it on Themeforest.

View on ThemeForest
Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS is one of the best learning management systems on the market and is built by the same team behind WooCommerce.

Go to senseilms.com

The e-learning website

Here is an overview of what’s included in the e-learning website:

Sensei LMS


  • Customized checkout page – Optimized for online sales
  • Students courses visible on the “My account” page
  • Shop settings ideal for selling online courses

Files and resources

  • Demo content and images to get you started
  • PSD file for checkbox and radio button icons
  • An instructional video to get you started

View demo

Take a look at the demo which shows one of many designs that you can use for your own website.



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