One solution - many possibilities

Earn passive income

This e-learning solution is ideal for edupreneurs who wants to earn passive income by selling their knowledge online. By placing your videos and content on your own domain you get 100% of your earnings and a future-proof platform that can be expanded however you wish.

Move from physical to virtual events

This e-learning solution is ideal for eventmakers who wants to expand their reach globally and safeguard their business from the current pandemic. Easily create tickets or subscriptions to events that are pre-recorded or live broadcasts – or a combination of them both.

Internal business education or trainee programs

This e-learning solution is ideal for businesses who wants to expand their internal training with a robust Learning Management System. Setup quizzes with automatic or manual grading that gives certificates to your finest employees or trainees.

A learning enhanced environment

Supplement or replace your existing educational programs with a robust Learning Management System. The e-learning environment includes functionality to schedule tests, give personal feedback, create lesson discussions and grading your students tests or uploaded essays.

Why choose this e-learning solution?

The main reason to choose this e-learning solution is freedom. The freedom to design however you like, recieve income however you wish and scale up and expand without limits or restraints.


No sharing of income

Because the e-learning solution is self-hosted you receive 100% of you income.


Your own website

Be fully self-reliant and have full ownership over your brand identity and your learning material.


A future-proof solution

Scale up, enhance and expand your e-learning website as your business grows.


Design without limits

Choose between ready-made website designs or build your unique website.

Powered by Sensei LMS

Get an e-learning website that is powered by the best Learning Management System on the market: Sensei LMS.

The e-learning solution combines WordPress, the most popular website platform in the world, with WooCommerce and Sensei LMS. Lastly this powerful combination is merged with a WordPress theme which makes it possible to design a beautiful website to present your online courses or other learning-related business.